Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Seemingly Good Ideas are Best Left Unexplored

Thursday we went to celebrate the release of a product that may down in history as one of the biggest culinary disasters of all time.

The Product: Baconnaise, the bacon infused mayonnaise (believe it or not, its veg friendly).

The Premise: 
"Come celebrate the release of Bacon Salts newest product, Baconnaise, by watching Bacon wrestle Mayonnaise in 200 gallons of mayonnaise."
"We'll be offering free BLT's all night"
"There will be scantily clad female athletes fighting each-other in whipped condiments."

Things They Forgot to Mention:
- You will get covered in mayonnaise.
- The BLT's are actually two pieces of shitty bread and some wilting produce covered in Baconnaise (with no actual bacon to be found anywhere).
- The scantily clad female athletes are members the University of Washington Rugby team (shudder)

When all was said and done, Mayonnaise suffered big losses on numerous fronts.  
He lost the wrestling match.
His reputation is now forever be tarnished by his marriage of convenience with Bacon.
Everyone that went to this event is now ten times more likely to prefer Mustard on their sandwiches.

Despite some real drawbacks the event was actually a blast and, as my friend Kyle brought to my attention, "Only in America." 

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